Application of Microwave Ripening Equipment in grain processing

If you are a smart health maintenance person, you should know how to match the food, balanced nutrition. As early as “five grains for raising, five fruits for helping, five livestock for benefits, five vegetables for filling, smell with taste then take it, to supplement the blood and qi” diet conditioning principle, but also explained the grain grains in the dominant position in the diet. Whole grains are our staple food, a daily necessity, at the bottom of the nutritional pyramid, and have many benefits for the human body.


For the ripening and processing of cereals, grain microwave ripening equipment of Leader Microwave Equipment Company is the right choice. Their grain microwave ripening equipment adopts tunnel structure suitable for walnut, black sesame, soybean, corn, peanut, and other grains’ curing, drying, sterilization, etc., and has many advantages.

Advantages of microwave ripening equipment for cereals

  1. The microwave ripening equipment is used to ripen whole grains with high working efficiency, which is several times to dozens of times of the traditional technology, and the product quality is excellent.
  2. After ripening by grain microwave ripening machine, the products taste fragrant, rich in nutrition, and save energy consumption, improved enterprise efficiency.
  3. During the working process of microwave ripening machines for cereals and grains, no pollutants are generated, and no environmental pollution is caused. Cereals and grains are also safe and can be safely consumed.
  4. Automatic control, the microwave ripening device of cerealsadopts man-machine interface, has PLC intelligent control, touch operation, automatic constant temperature, free setting of heating time, and holding time.
  5. The microwave ripening machine can detect the current working state in real-time and is equipped with humidity and temperature sensors. The equipment is fitted with independent protection devices, graded protection, and safe production.

Microwave ripening equipment for cereals

As a giant leading the microwave industry, Leader Microwave Equipment Company has produced various types of microwave equipment. For example, microwave drying equipment for bamboo chopsticks, microwave sterilization equipment for oral liquid, microwave swelling equipment for shrimp strips, microwave curing equipment for cereals and grains, etc. They are far ahead in the industry, which is the best embodiment of microwave technology.

 Working principle of microwave ripening equipment for cereals

Unlike conventional curing, the working principle of microwave is to emit microwaves to act on the water molecules inside the material. The electromagnetic wave causes the water molecules inside the food to move violently and hit themselves to produce heat. The food that contains more moisture to absorb the microwave is much, contains less moisture to absorb the microwave, is little, and achieves the effect that ripening is even so. Besides, microwave also has a titian impact in ripening coarse grains, which can quickly remove some of the smell of coarse grains, so that the refined grains are more fragrant.


schematic diagram

With excellent strength and rich experience, they have been walking in the forefront of the times, their company’s cereals microwave curing equipment is the industry equipment leader. The machine can be customized, the price is very equitable and rational, the economic benefit is also very high.

Technical parameters of microwave ripening equipment for cereals

Part nameMicrowave ripening equipment for cereals
Microwave frequency2450MHz
Input voltageThree line five phase 380V50HZ
Input power>30KW (Adjustable)
DimensionsAbout 12*0.8*1.2m

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