Application of Microwave Ripening Equipment in grain processing

If you are a smart health maintenance person, you should know how to match food, balanced nutrition. As early as “five grains for raising, five fruits for helping, five livestock for benefits, five vegetables for filling, smell correspond with taste then take it, in order to supplement the blood and qi” diet conditioning principle, but also explained the grain grains in the dominant position in the diet. Whole grains are our staple food, a daily necessity, at the bottom of the nutritional pyramid, and have many benefits for the human body.  grain For the ripening and processing of cereals, grain microwave ripening equipment of Leader Microwave Equipment Company is … Read more

Graphene Microwave Puffing Equipment

In recent years, due to the continuous progress of science and technology, the rise of microwave technology, microwave vacuum drying equipment, frozen seafood microwave thawing equipment, fruit and vegetable microwave dehydration equipment and other equipment appeared in our lives, promoting the progress of the times and the development of the society. In response to the requests of our new and existing customers, Leader Microwave Equipment Company has introduced a new graphene microwave puffing equipment.   Graphene microwave puffing equipment In order to make the equipment get a good application, better meet the needs of customers, we have carried out a lot of research and exploration, in … Read more

Microwave Equipment Accessories: Microwave Machinery Components

Microwave equipment accessories refer to various microwave equipment, such as microwave drying equipment, microwave sterilization equipment, etc. Microwave equipment accessories are good choices for all kinds of microwave equipment, which can effectively extend the service life of microwave equipment and make it continue to operate efficiently. As microwave equipment is more and more widely used in industry, many manufacturers realize that purchasing microwave equipment accessories can save a lot of money on maintenance and even equipment renewal.   Advantages of microwave equipment accessories: 1.A wide range of microwave mechanical accessoriesare available for manufacturers to choose,professional microwave equipment manufacturers can supply spare parts without any … Read more

Hot summer,do you have a latex pillow ?

Pure natural latex pillow, made from the rubber tree sap, and have the natural effect of anti-mite and anti-bacteria. Latex pillows have thousands of honeycomb pores, can discharge the waste heat and moisture of our body,Keeping the air inside your pillow fresh and healthy.Using it to be able to experience its relaxed and comfortable feeling more deeply in, what is the key that latex pillow makes? Raw rubber becomes soft when heated, hard and brittle when cold, difficult to form and easy to wear. After the vulcanization, air three-dimensional structure will be formed inside, with high elasticity, heat resistance, high tensile … Read more

Grain in hand, healthy body I have

Oats contains linoleic acid, have the effect of the inhibition of cholesterol.A related study in the United States confirmed that eating 60 grams of oats every morning, cholesterol is reduced by 3% on average, every morning to drink a bowl of oatmeal, heart disease mortality can be reduced by 6% and a variety of enzymes in oats has strong vitality, can effectively delay cell senescence. Not only oats, soybeans, mung beans, corn and other grains are good for your health,it may be said to keep in good health.The baptism of microwave curing equipment is indispensable before the high quality omnibus grain on table. Microwave curing … Read more

The mellow fragrance of tea comes from “killing” green gas

Do you know something about the formation of tea?In our life, we must have also met people who love drinking tea and have studied tea. Then we should know that water-removing is a very important tea making process, and the vast majority of tea needs to remove green. Tea is rich in polyphenol oxidase, if you do not remove water, polyphenols will carry out oxidative fermentation under the action of enzymes, so that the tea will lose color soon, and then bad. Only kill “green gas”, can sweet smell sends out.From known ways of water-removing,tea microwave killing machine equipment have … Read more

Corn Snack Microwave Puffing device to satisfy your appetite

When it comes to puffed food, we may first think of potato chips and other fried junk food. But did you know that most of the puffy food is porous, which is good for digestion and absorption?For example, the digestibility of rice or protein after cooking is 75.3%, while that after puffing can be increased to 83.8%. Microwave used in the puffing production of food , such as corn snack microwave puffing equipment, can change the traditional heat conduction process that from the surface to the interior. It has the advantages of uniform heating, fast heating speed, high product quality, … Read more