Jiangxi Luo total peanuts, sunflower seeds baking visit

From the Internet, Mr. Luo from Jiangxi Province saw many successful cases of microwave baking equipment in our company. Through the previous communication with salesmen, he had a great interest in the emerging microwave baking equipment, so he came to our company to visit and carry the materials to perform an experiment. Luo is about 40 years old. He has been baking peanuts and sunflower seeds in Jiangxi for more than seven years. The monthly output is about 60 tons, and the annual production is about 500 tons. Like the Luo, the size of the company is by more than a … Read more

Soybean Microwave Extraction Cracking

There are many cases of microwave extraction in recent years, mainly due to the significant advantages of microwave extraction technology. First of all, the extraction time is fast and efficient. Under the action of the high-frequency microwave, the molecules in soybean and solvent generate a lot of heat in a short time, accelerating the penetration of soybean samples, rapidly soluble the samples, and greatly improves the extraction speed. Secondly, the whole heating process is to heat the soybean itself by converting the energy inside the soy into heat energy. The entire soybean itself is cooked at the same time, and the uniformity … Read more