Corn Snack Microwave Puffing device to satisfy your appetite

When it comes to puffed food, we may first think of potato chips and other fried junk food.
But did you know that most of the puffy food is porous, which is good for digestion and absorption? For example, the digestibility of rice or protein after cooking is 75.3%, while after puffing can be increased to 83.8%.

The microwave used in the puffing production of food, such as corn snack microwave puffing equipment, can change the traditional heat conduction process from the surface to the interior. It has the advantages of uniform heating, fast heating speed, high product quality, sensitive response, easy to control, high thermal efficiency, and small floor space of the equipment.

With this equipment, the nutrition elements and original color, aroma, and taste can be retained to improve the quality of puffed food.


Advantages of microwave puffing equipment for corn snacks:
1. The heating speed of Microwave corn snack puffing equipment is fast. The microwave oven does not heat, but the microwave energy penetrates the material, in which the polar molecules rub each other and produce internal heat, so that the internal liquid of processed material was heated and evaporated instantly, and then supercharged and expanded.
2. The microwave puffing machine of corn snacks has a bactericidal effect. The thermal effect and non-thermal effect of the microwave can effectively kill bacteria. The puffing machine has the powerful function of microwave bactericidal equipment.
3. The corn snack microwave puffing machine is easy to operate. Microwave power and the conveyor speed can be adjusted, there is no thermal inertia, open and close freely, product continuously.
4. Microwave corn snack puffing machine can improve the production environment. It has no heat radiation, no dust, no noise, no pollution, and meets the food hygiene inspection standards.
5. The microwave corn snack puffing machine has a good puffing effect. The rapid heating effect of microwaves makes the water molecules in the material vaporize quickly and achieves the purpose of puffing.
6. The microwave puffing equipment of corn snacks can reduce the loss of the nutrition components of the materials. The microwave puffing equipment has a low temperature, a short time, can maintain the nutrition components to the maximum extent, does not increase the oil of the food and not affect the original flavor, tastes very good.
7. Corn snack microwave puffing equipment covers a small area, saving space and labor.


Principle of microwave puffing equipment for corn snacks:

Microwave puffing technology uses the radiation conduction of electromagnetic energy to transmit the microwave energy into the material, which is absorbed by the water and converted into heat energy at the same time. It produces violent vibration of molecules, obtains kinetic energy, and realizes the evaporation of water.

The temperature inside and outside the material heats up at the same time, and the relative humidity of the material surface is low due to water evaporation. The direction of the temperature gradient, heat conduction, and water vapor migration is the same, going outward to inward.

The rapid evaporation of water is conducive to the generation and accumulation of internal steam. The rapid rise of internal moisture vaporization, pressurization, can produce a strong radial thrust, pushing the internal steam directly out of the body, and the pressure difference in the same direction of the temperature difference strengthened the steam directly out, resulting in steam “pumping effect.”

When the internal steam pressure reaches or exceeds the structural tension of the cell, the cell will expand, and then drive the overall expansion of the material, forming a loose and uniform microporous structure.

The technology of microwave processing instant noodles has made a breakthrough recently. The instant noodle microwave puffing equipment makes the instant noodles puffing in the processing with high field strength microwave. The instant noodles have good rehydration, the water temperature requirement of instant noodles is reduced, the time of instant noodles is shortened, and the taste is better.

Application scope of microwave puffing equipment for corn snacks:

At present, leader microwave equipment company microwave puffing food is mainly used in three aspects: starch puffing food processing (such as corn, rice, millet), protein food puffing (such as soybean, meat, etc.) and fruit and vegetable materials puffing.

1.Starch-based snacks: snacks made by beans, cereals, and potatoes.

2.Pasta: cut and buckwheat noodles, noodles, cold noodles, vermicelli, macaroni, etc

3.Vegetables: stem vegetables such as bamboo shoots and Onions, root vegetables such as radish and lotus root, melon vegetables such as pumpkin and eggplant, potato and taro, edible fungi such as Lentinus edodes and mushroom, algae such as kelp and skirt vegetables can be heated by microwave puffed technology and made into convenient food.


Common swelling methods:
1.Extruded expansion
Extruded expansion using mechanical friction, the material is squeezed, stirred, sheared, into a paste shape, from the moment of ejection of the mold hole, in the role of a great pressure difference. The water is vaporized, the material is expanded, forming a loose structure, porous, crispy expansion products, to achieve the purpose of extrusion.

With this swelling methods, the production cost and energy consumption are low. The extrusion process parameters are difficult to control. The machine is not easy to clean, the product form is reduced, and high requirements on raw materials are mainly used for materials with high starch content, not for oil crops.

2.Fried puffing
As the name suggests, fried puffing increases the heat of food and destroys its original nutritional components. Long-term consumption of a large number of puffed food will result in a large intake of oil and temperature, which is easy to cause the accumulation of human body fat.

The prospect of corn snack microwave puffing equipment:
Puffed food has crispy tastes, rich nutrition, and excellent reconstitution properties, and is easy to carry, storage. Compared with extruding and frying, microwave puffing can not easily cause some unnecessary chemical reactions and does not increase the fat of food, so it retains the original flavor of food. The microwave puffing equipment of corn snack is an excellent way to further process fruit and vegetable food and obtain green food, which has vast application prospects in the food industry.