Graphene Microwave Puffing Equipment

In recent years, due to the continuous progress of science and technology, the rise of microwave technology, microwave vacuum drying equipment, frozen seafood microwave thawing equipment, fruit and vegetable microwave dehydration equipment, and other equipment appeared in our lives. Promoting the progress of the times and the development of society. In response to our new and existing customers’ requests, Leader Microwave Equipment Company has introduced a new graphene microwave puffing equipment.

  Graphene microwave puffing equipment

To make the equipment get a useful application, better meet the needs of customers, we have carried out a lot of research and exploration, to optimize the best process conditions and technical parameters, to achieve the ideal effect. The research and development and application of our graphene microwave extruder have brought great convenience to large processing plants and obtained excellent economic benefits.

Advantages of graphene microwave puffing equipment

  1. Significantly shorten the time of reaction, crystallization, and polymerization.
  2. The machine has a lower reaction, crystallization, and polymerization temperatures.
  3. Without thermal inertia, the graphene microwave device is easy to control the reaction process.
  4. Completely sealed, cooling air circulation, effectively prevent electrical dust damage.
  5. Microwave puffing equipment is mainly used for stripping graphite and graphene. The machine is continuously in and out with high efficiency.
  6. It is tunnel equipment, safe, no leakage of harmful substances, by GB5226 electrical safety standards.

Customer visit from Pakistan

Not long ago, a customer from Pakistan came to visit our factory, saw the equipment, and decided to buy our graphene microwave expander. We established a friendly cooperative relationship with each other. Besides, our products have been sold to India, Brazil, Siberia, Ukraine, and other countries, in the local favored and well promoted.

Technical parameters of graphene microwave puffing equipment

The power input


Power output(KW)80


Dimensions L*W*H


14000 * 1200 * 1800

Working principle of graphene microwave puffing equipment

The polar molecule or microstructure of a substance is affected by the microwave in the high-frequency alternating microwave field. It causes forced reciprocating motion, vibration, or rotation, thus increasing the substance’s internal energy and rapidly increasing the temperature. Microwave is a kind of high frequency alternating electromagnetic field, so the material is not only affected by heating but also affected by the microwave electromagnetic field. In the process of heat, the reaction is promoted, densification is accelerated, the sintering temperature is reduced, the sintering process is accelerated, and the crystalline phase transition is changed. Microwave puffing technology is through the radiation conduction of electromagnetic energy so that water molecules absorb microwave energy, produce molecules violent vibration, obtain kinetic energy, achieve the vaporization of water, and then drive the overall puffing of materials.

Schematic diagram

Our services

(1)Technical service content

  1. Provide relevant industry information for free.
  2. Provide project analysis and feasibility report free of charge.
  3. Free of charge to provide plant graphic design, related equipment configuration.
  4. Free technical and business site q&a.
  5. Free standardized training for user operation and maintenance personnel.
  6. Free equipment installation and debugging and conduct guidance and training.
  • After-sales service commitment                                                   1. The shelf life of the purchased microwave equipment is two years, with free maintenance within the shelf life.            2.Some spare parts will be sent out together with the machine for free and provided to the customer at a favorable price.          3.Technical support will be provided by phone, email, or video.                                                                                                  4.If necessary, our engineers will go to your factory to install, adjust, or maintain the machine.


Here are some sample products, you can clearly see the effect, of course, you can also come to the factory to do the experiment to test the impact, it will definitely make you satisfied. If you need to buy graphene microwave puffing equipment, then contact us, trust us, choose us, let us achieve win-win!