Jiangxi Luo total peanuts, sunflower seeds baking visit

From the Internet, Mr. Luo from Jiangxi Province saw many successful cases of microwave baking equipment in our company. Through the previous communication with salesmen, he had a great interest in the emerging microwave baking equipment, so he came to our company to visit and carry the materials to perform an experiment.

Luo is about 40 years old. He has been baking peanuts and sunflower seeds in Jiangxi for more than seven years. The monthly output is about 60 tons, and the annual production is about 500 tons. Like the Luo, the size of the company is by more than a dozen in the field.

As the competition intensifies, although the annual sales have increased to varying degrees, the profit margin is indeed getting thinner and thinner, which objectively reflects the whole peanut, sunflower seed baking market growth, shrewd Luo always considered from the product quality. Because the previous product quality is not easy to control, it is to use frying pot to stir-fry. If the temperature exceeds 120 degrees, it is easy to fry the product too old, thus affecting the taste and wholesale price from another point of view. Mr. Luo has six workers, but the maximum yield is limited to about 60 tons in the month. It is challenging to lift again, so improving the quality of the baking and expanding the capacity is the core requirement that Luo always hopes that our microwave tunnel machine can achieve.

Mr. Luo learned in detail about the output of baked peanuts made by 100KW’s microwave tunnel machine, at least 400-500 kilos per hour. Luo mentioned that microwave equipment in other factories, even if the water-cooled equipment is about 260000 yuan, is not equipped with cooling towers, or some factories are equipped with open cooling towers. The cooling effect is very different from that of closed cooling towers, and the water quality of open cold zone towers is easy to pollute. Thus affecting the use and life of the equipment.

In the course of the experiment, Luo also cares about two core problems: one is the energy consumption of the equipment, which should be compared with the traditional way; the other is the degree of automation.

We have a detailed account of the two problems. We also produce multi-layer hot-air equipment, compared with the natural gas baking and microwave baking, the local electric charge of the customer is 0.82 yuan, and the natural gas is about 3.5 yuan, and there will be a different float. The processing cost of using the microwave is about one-third higher than that of natural gas. The other question, however, is that the opening of natural gas pipelines is expensive, at least over 200,000 yuan, and the government’s measures to limit the use of natural gas in certain periods, which will significantly affect production.

Concerning automation, we showed Mr. Luo the previous automatic feeder, vibrating screen to test uniform cloth. Besides, after microwave baking, coupled with an air-cooled cooling line, such a manual can basically achieve the daily production energy of the previous six people. Therefore, after careful consideration, Luo believes that microwave baking equipment is still an excellent choice. Because it has not been used in the location, dare to take the first step is a huge opportunity, we also wish Mr. Luo has a better and better career in the future.