Microwave Puffing Equipment for Corn Flakes is the Best Choice

Corn flakes are a new type of fast food that can be kept for a long time and carried efficiently. They can be eaten directly, processed into other foods, or mixed with milk and yogurt. Corn flakes are the most common cereal snack food in the world. Corn is rich in nutrition and relatively balanced. It is a rare cereal food and is very popular in the market.

Corn flakes

Corn flakes are a kind of cornflour as the primary raw material. It adds a certain amount of water after the full kneading, cooking, molding, pressing, and baking extruded to produce a suitable slice. In the manufacturing process, for processing equipment selection, it is recommended should be Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s corn flakes microwave expansion equipment, why, to look at its advantages.

Advantages of microwave puffing equipment for corn flakes

  1. The puffing speed is fast, the time is short, the production efficiency is greatly improved, and the puffing can be finished in a few seconds. The microwave puffing machine for corn flakes can be continuous puffing production.
  2. Microwave expansion equipment has a noticeable expansion effect. The microwave makes water molecules inside the material vaporize quickly through rapid heating to achieve the purpose of expansion.
  3. Microwave expansion equipment for corn flakes is easy to operate, microwave power, and the speed of the conveyor belt can be stepless regulation, there is no thermal inertia, can be immediately on and off, simple and easy to control.
  4. Microwave equipment, no residual heat radiation, no dust, no noise, no pollution, easy to achieve food hygiene testing standards.
  5. The refreshing time and shelf life of the food are prolonged. The sterilization effect can be achieved in the process of puffing, the original color, brightness, taste, and nutrition are maintained, and the shelf life is greatly extended.

Microwave puffing equipment for corn flakes

Compared with other puffing equipment, Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s microwave puffing device for cornflakes is carefully researched and developed with advanced microwave technology and years of production experience. Overcome the shortcomings of other equipment, you will know how effective it is after using. The superior degree of the machine is high. It is other equipment can not replace the high-tech products.

Working principle of microwave puffing equipment for corn flakes

The microwave heating speed is fast, and the gas temperature inside the material rises sharply. Due to the slow mass transfer rate, the heated gas is under high pressure. When water is less than 20%, due to the increase in the viscosity of the material, resulting in the material inside the gap of water and air is more difficult to discharge and in a high level of accumulation waiting for the state to produce a good expansion effect.

Leader Microwave Equipment Company is a modern scientific and technological enterprise-oriented by high and new technology, integrating research and development, manufacturing, and so on. Company production of industrial microwave sterilization equipment, microwave vacuum drying equipment, microwave puffing equipment products have been in the ceramics, food, building materials, chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber, paper, refractory materials, agricultural and sideline products, leather, textile, and other industries widely used, equipment and energy-saving, efficient and stable long-term continuous work, their products trustworthy.

Technical parameters of microwave puffing equipment for corn flakes

Total power30kw60kw90kw
Operational frequency915±25MHz
Microwave output power20〜100kw
Transmission speed0.1〜3m/min
Microwave leak≤5mw/cm2
Bulking capacity0.5〜3t/h
Input powerThree-phase five-wire 380V±10% 50Hz±1%
Height of entrance and exit80mm
Transmission bandwidth912mm
Transmission speed0.1〜5m/min
Dimensions(L*W*H)About 9180×1555×1668mm


It can be seen that the cornflake microwave puffing equipment has excellent performance, and a variety of models can be selected, they also accept custom, service is very thoughtful. It is the best choice for food processing plants!