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Microwave puffing is a new puffing technology. At present, there are three main applications of microwave puffing: starch puffed food processing (such as corn, rice, millet), protein food puffing (such as soybeans, meat, etc.) and fruits and vegetables. The material is puffed.

The Leader microwave equipment company is a professional manufacturer that can provide you with different types of microwave expansion equipment.

The front view of Microwave puffing equipment

  Successful examples of microwave expansion equipment for sale:

Our Microwave extruders have been exported to Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Ghana, Spain, Australia, and Malaysia. If you are interested in the microwave expansion machinery and microwave baking and curing equipment we sell, please contact us.

At the same time, we can provide you with the right project plan based on your actual situation and our real success cases.

Microwave bulking equipment in Turkey
Microwave bulking equipment to Ghana

  What is puffing?

Many people are interested in buying microwave extruders. Some of them may be confused about the microwave expansion technology.

In fact, microwave expansion using the characteristic of microwave heating to make water in the material be heated and vaporized. Thereby the starch gelatinization, protein denaturation, and moisture into steam in the raw material. So that the food material tissue is puffing.

  Product Specification:

NameMicrowave puffing equipment
Microwave frequency915±25MHz
microwave powerAbove 20kw-200kw(continuously adjustable )
Transfer speed0.1~3m/min frequency control
Microwave leakage≤5mw/cm2(GB5959.6-87)
The quantity of drying0.5~1.0T/ h
Hourly capacity5-7t
External dimension of the equipmentlong × width × height
8000×5000×2300(mm)( customizable )
control modetouch screen,PLC control

  Advantages of microwave expansion equipment:

  • 1. The microwave expansion equipment has a fast heating speed.  The furnace is made of 310S stainless steel, high temperature resistant.
  • 2. Large capacity and fully automatic.
  • 3. Protect the environment. Microwave expansion equipment ensures that no dust is generated during the manufacturing process.
  • 4. The effect of puffing is visible. The rapid heating effect of the microwave makes the water molecules inside the material vaporize rapidly and achieve the purpose of puffing.
  • 5. Microwave equipment is easy to use and operate. Microwave power and the conveyor speed can be adjusted steplessly, without thermal inertia, can be opened and stopped, easy to control.

Our Leader Microwave Equipment, one of the professional microwave equipment manufacturers, can provide different models of different power, just to meet your requirements. These microwave puffing machines are of superior quality and competitive price. If you are interested in our tool, please leave a message to us.

10kw Microwave puffing equipment
20kw Microwave puffing equipment
30kw Microwave puffing equipment
Higher power can be customized

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of microwave equipment, microwave equipment is our essential product. In the past ten years, microwave machines such as microwave expansion equipment and microwave sterilization equipment have been sold to various regions through our efforts.

  Reasonable price:

As we all know, price and quality are interrelated. You can’t just consider buying the cheapest microwave puffing equipment, you should consider quality as your primary consideration. Industrial microwave equipment’s microwave extruders and other microwave sterilization equipment may not be the cheapest, but we promise that our machines will have a longer life.

Industrial microwave Equipment Company, when we purchase machinery and equipment, we usually select the mechanical manufacturer with excellent quality, convenient operation, environmental protection, energy-saving, and excellent service. It has been sold all over the world for many years, and many loyal customers will test for you and buy worry-free.

Before and after the purchase, we will provide you with a variety of consulting services free of charge, as well as integrated equipment and site conditions to tailor the plant design. If you visit, we will have professional technical service personnel to answer your questions. If you have any intentions, please feel free to contact us!