Soybean Microwave Extraction Cracking

There are many cases of microwave extraction in recent years, mainly due to the significant advantages of microwave extraction technology.

First of all, the extraction time is fast and efficient. Under the action of the high-frequency microwave, the molecules in soybean and solvent generate a lot of heat in a short time, accelerating the penetration of soybean samples, rapidly soluble the samples, and greatly improves the extraction speed.

Secondly, the whole heating process is to heat the soybean itself by converting the energy inside the soy into heat energy. The entire soybean itself is cooked at the same time, and the uniformity effect is better, to ensure the effectiveness of the extraction components. The extraction components will not be denatured due to the uniformity problem.

Simultaneously, through repeated soybean extraction experiments, we proved that microwave has the advantage of selective heating of extracted raw materials. As the polarity of soybean and the solvent itself is higher, the absorption of microwaves is more excellent, promoting the speed of extraction. For non-polar solvent, microwaves will not be heated, so the choice of a large polarity solution can significantly improve the extraction efficiency, thus achieving the best effect.

Because soybean itself contains polar water molecules, and at the same time, increases the soaking solvent in the extraction process. The microwave field-effect will cause strong polarity shock so that the hydrogen bond between the internal cells of soybean molecules relax, cell membrane structure electrical breakdown and rupture, the penetration of soybean to the matrix, the yield of extraction significantly increased.

The extraction time of soybean depends on the weight and heating power of the raw material, usually taking 10-15 minutes. But the extraction time varies significantly from one raw material to another. Generally speaking, the higher the power of the equipment, the higher the extraction efficiency.

In different extraction cases, environmental humidity is also essential. Some customers have very high requirements for the final product quality of extraction. Suppose the extraction environment temperature is slightly higher. In that case, the denaturation of the substance will eventually occur, which requires us to add a humidity sensor in the design of the equipment to control and intervene in the humidity, to achieve the best extraction effect.