The mellow fragrance of tea comes from “killing” green gas

Do you know anything about the formation of tea? In our life, we must have also met people who love drinking tea and have studied tea. Then we should know that water-removing is an essential tea making process, and the vast majority of tea needs to remove the green.

Tea is rich in polyphenol oxidase, if you do not remove water, polyphenols will carry out oxidative fermentation under the action of enzymes, so that the tea will lose color soon, and then bad.
Only kill “green gas,” can sweet smell sends out. From known ways of water-removing, tea microwave de-enzyme machine equipment has the highest efficiency; water-removing is the critical step to improving tea quality in the tea process, playing a vital role in the shape and quality of tea.

Microwave tea killing machine

At the present stage, in the rapid development of industrialization, according to the current commonly used way of de-enzyme, water-removing mainly includes drum de-enzyme, hot wind de-enzyme, steam de-enzyme, and new microwave tea de-enzyme machinery and equipment. The leader’s microwave equipment company, de-enzyme effect, and tea quality are different from those of the different de-enzyme machines.


Common equipment for water-removing:

1. The drum-type killing machine has high production efficiency, continuous operation, convenient use, and good tea quality. The finished tea is green in color, fragrant, and tasty. It is widely used in tea production in China. The disadvantage of the drum killing machine is that if the operation method is not correct, it often causes the coke leaf phenomenon.

Microwave tea killing machine

2. Hot air tea machine is a new product developed in Zhejiang tea area in recent years, at this stage in Zhejiang, Sichuan and other places have more use. The main structure is composed of hot air generators, barrel, new leaf elevators, a belt conveyor, and a cooling unit.

However, hot air chooses 300 ~ 350 ℃ high temperature to remove water, the temperature difference between hot air and fresh leaves is big. Water-removing usually finished in a short time; the process is difficult to control. If the operation is slightly improper, the steamed leaf is convenient to form the coke side, flashpoint. When it becomes tea, it contains smoke caramel flavor.

Microwave tea killing machine

3. In the way of steam de-enzyme in China and the application of mechanical equipment commonly used is the cabinet type discontinuous de-enzyme machine or network belt type steam de-enzyme machine without pressure. The structure is composed of a feeding device, driving device, conveying equipment, steam de-enzyme device, cooling device, and other components.

The water content of steam de-enzymes green leaves is generally slightly higher than that of fresh leaves, although the leaves have become soft. It is not immediately put into rolling or shaping, need to go through the initial drying, so that the water content of steam killed green leaves dropped to 55% before and after, to enter the next normal process.

Microwave tea killing machine

4. The microwave tea killing machine is a new type of tea de-enzyme machine successfully developed in China in recent years. The unique advantages of this equipment are as follows, the heat is generated from inside the tea leaves, and there is no temperature gradient inside or outside and no general heat transfer process.

It also has advantages such as fast heating, short preheating time, small heat loss, and conducive to automatic control and continuous production. After treated by microwave sterilization equipment, the tea product has less chlorophyll change, bright green color, uniform drying, and less aroma loss to achieve good sterilization effect.

Microwave tea killing machine

Mechanism and working principle of tea microwave sterilizer:

1. The active oxidase of fresh leaves was passivated by rapid heating to inhibit the accelerated oxidation of tea polyphenols and other enzymes in new leaves. Prevent the color change in the subsequent drying process, and at the same time, volatilize the smell of fresh leaves to better form the tea flavor.

2. When microwave tea de-enzyme machine removing water, it needs to quickly increase the temperature and open all the microwave power. If the time is less than 1.5min, the red mouth will appear. If the finishing time is too long and the water loss of green leaves is too much, tea leaves will seem dry and hard, affecting later rolling and shaping.

3. The microwave generator creates a microwave, which has the characteristics of short wavelength and high frequency. When fresh tea leaves are irradiated by microwaves, the polar molecules inside the tea leaves are affected by the periodic change of microwave and move with the microwave periodically.

Because the microwave frequency is very high when the rate is 915 MHZ, tea leaves internal molecular umbels 9. 15 x 108 times per second vibration wave, when the frequency is 2450 MHZ, there are 2. 45 x 109 times per second vibration wave. The collision between each other to form a large amount of friction heat, quickly promoted tea green leaf temperature, enzyme activity, and the passivation, filming for the finish.


Advantages of tea microwave fixation:

1、High heating speed: the microwave sterilizer can directly heat the inside and outside of the tea at the same time, without preheating, starting processing.

2、Uniform heating: the dechlorinating tea machine irradiates the electromagnetic wave generated by the magnetron to the tea evenly and simultaneously heats the tea inside and outside without scorched leaves, scorched edges, crumbs and so on.

3、Tea nutrition loss is little: the time tea stays in the microwave heating box is shorter and does not need air and steam to conduct heat again. So microwave tea leaves sterilize mechanical equipment to be able to retain the nutrition composition in tea maximally.

4、Strong sterilization and mellow effect: In picking and making tea leaves, there is often the possibility of secondary pollution. Microwave sterilization and drying have the functional characteristics of sterilization and mellow.

5、The quality of tea has been improved: the surface temperature of the tea is not high when the microwave is used to kill the leaves, and there is no need to cool the leaves with blowing air, so the green leaves changeless, the color is bright green and resistant to the storage, the aroma loss is less, and the drying is even.

Microwave tea killing machine

Combining the principles of different equipment to further improve the tea aroma, taste of the shortage can consider the way to de-enzyme is a new type of de-enzyme machine – tea microwave de-enzyme machine. Compared with the traditional pot and drum de-enzyme equipment, the tea de-enzyme equipment has the advantages of fast de-enzyme speed, high efficiency, and sound effect.

Simultaneously, the microwave can also remove the excess water in the fresh leaves, which will become soft and plastic after being volatilized by the hot air. And tea de-enzyme machinery can be widely used in tea, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, flowers, and other agricultural products for de-enzyme, the de-enzyme effect is significant.