The shrimp chips microwave puffing equipment can achieve the ideal puffing effect

As we all know, shrimp strips are a kind of puffed food. As a small snack, they taste crisp and fragrant when eaten. They are very popular. Most people, especially children, like to eat. So, how to puffed shrimp strips? The shrimp strips microwave puffing equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment Company can achieve the desired effect.

Shrimp strip microwave puffing equipment

As shown in the figure, this is the Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s microwave shrimp strip puffing equipment, multi-purpose, and integrates drying, sterilization, and puffing into one, which meets the needs of food processing plants and is convenient and practical. Their company also produces other equipment such as hot pot ball microwave defrosting equipment, cereals microwave curing equipment, vegetable oil microwave extraction equipment, and other equipment, all have excellent performance. 

Advantages of microwave extruding equipment for shrimp strip:

  1. The whole machine of shrimp strip microwave puffing equipment is made of stainless steel, the appearance is beautiful, the device is durable, and the quality is reliable.
  2. The automatic feeder of the bulking machine reduces the labor intensity, saves them time, and improves the production efficiency, which can realize the need of one person to take care of the production of multiple extruders.
  3. Using microwave technology, microwave expansion equipment by professional design and development, with high efficiency and energy saving, safe and pollution-free, easy to operate, sound swelling effect, and many other advantages.
  4. The application range of the shrimp strip microwave extruder is vast. It avoids the disadvantages of a traditional extruder, adapts to the development of the times, and meets the needs of new and old customers.
  5. Heating is rapid and uniform. No heat conduction process is needed, and the microwave expansion equipment of the shrimp strip has automatic thermal stability, avoiding overheating.

Working principle of microwave extruding equipment for shrimp strip:

Microwave puffing equipment is a kind of new atmospheric pressure puffing technology equipment that uses microwave radiation heating to make the moisture in the material absorb heat and vaporize, thus driving the food material tissue puffing. The microwave heating speed is fast, and the gas temperature inside the material rises sharply, due to the slow mass transfer rate, the heated gas is under high pressure and tends to expand. When the pressure reaches a certain level, the material will be puffed.

With a sincere attitude, good reputation, excellent quality, and perfect service, Leader Microwave Equipment Company take customers’ opinions and demands as the basis for product development and improvement and provides customers with new and practical products. All the products they sell are designed and delivered by themselves, which saves the costs incurred in the middle process for customers. Therefore, their prices are very reasonable and are really worth the money.

Technical parameters of microwave puffing equipment for shrimp strip



Main motor power15kw45kw90kw
Installed capacity60kw100kw170kw
Actual power consumption40kw70kw100kw
Production capacity80-100kg/h200-240kg/h300-450kg/h

Their products have a wide range of applications, all the equipment can be customized, the above technical parameters are only for reference. If you need it, you can also visit the factory, they have thoughtful and intimate service, sure to meet your needs. Here’s a look at the puffed shrimp strips.

Shrimp chips

So attractive shrimp strip, have the impulse that wants to eat? Whether also caused your appetite? This is the shrimp strip processed by the shrimp chips’ microwave puffing equipment produced by the leader company, which has achieved a relatively ideal puffing effect. The drying and sterilization effect is also excellent. What are you hesitating about? Put it in your bag!